Thursday, 08 July 2021

How to prevent hacking of your facebook account

There is a SIMPLE way to be sure your facebook account isn't hacked - and things you do in advance in case you are ...

Goto your Settings & Privacy and set a few things:

1) Put in 3 friends who can get reset links if you can't get into your account

2) Set up 2-factor authentication - if a logon is attempted from an unknown device a special code will need to be entered. On my android phone I use an app called AUTHY to do this (I use same app for my bank logons and fb)

ALTERNATIVE to #2 - cell phone text message authentication, but, this disables ability to use cell-text to recover a lost password - AND - I don't give my cell # to FB, so I use the AUTHY app and it's easy

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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Is your PC really up to date? "Drivers" need to be updated, and this is not automatic.

Funny blog post: 1st the solution, then the story :)
If you don't understand any of this and you run a windows PC, have your techie-friend read it and explain it to you, this is important stuff to keep your PC running properly, securely and more reliably!!

DriverEasy is AWESOME!!! - download their free version. It won't do any great update-job for you but it will tell you if you need the updates, really nicely/easily. Once you see how out of date stuff is on your system you can proceed in 4 ways:

1) Nothing out of date or nothing you care about: do nothing

2) Stuff is out of date: DriverEasy will download the updates for you which you can manually install. If just 1 or 2, this isn't hard, if a lot out of date, this will help but it will still take a while

3) Purchase a copy of DriverEasy for $30 which is good for 3 machines and will continually clean those 3 machines for 1 year. So $10/machine, and that's per year if you decide to renew after the 1st year (or wait a yr or twon and buy it again).

4) We can make your life really easy - you can hire us to remotely connect in and do all of this for you. For the same $10/machine it will cost to buy the program ($30 for 3 licenses) we can do it for you for $10 for each 2 machines. We do the work, you watch. The difference between this (at $5/machine) and paying $10/machine (3 at a time, $30) is the one you would buy runs on your machine for 1 year, what we do on your machine is a 1-time job. That said ... yeah, if updates are available in a month it would be nice to have them right away, but considering you weren't worrying about this until today, maybe having us do every 6 months (at the same cost) or once a year is the way to go. If you're a tech-type, buy the program, you'll like it, if you're totally confused by all this - hire us to do it for you.

To schedule your online remote-support "driver update" appointment, contact us at
When you go to device manager it tells you if a driver didn't load, but it doesn't tell you when it's out of date. As a 40 yrs techie I was shocked at how outdated the drivers were on my own, fairly new, system (MSI laptop), plus other machines in my home/office.

I was having a problem getting 1 driver to load and while researching I stumbled on a great product on ...

I figured I could do this stuff with the free version - let DriverEasy tell me what's out of date, and find my missing driver, and then I'd update all manually ...

YIKES, around 30 drivers to update, and the one I couldn't get to load was found with no problem ... my 1st thought was for $30 I'd rather let this program do the dirty-work for me. There was more to update than just the one that wasn't working.

After I bought it I saw it was good for 3 computers for the $30, FANTASTIC!!!

Ran it on mine and in 5 or 10 minutes I did a reboot - and 100% up to date. Ran it on 2 other machines, WOW, so much out of date, and updated in no time, and NO WORK!!!

I rarely write reviews - I save them for products that really, REALLY, deserve my time and effort and this one DESERVES the recognition!!

And for you techies out there - consider their 50+ machine "tech package", which allows you a 3-day window on each machine to update drivers as a service you charge your customers for, or offer as a perk for using your services, nice giveaway for the small price per PC on this license.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Your company has a domain name but you have a gmail email address - so many reasons to not do that

I wrote an article about using gmail generally and especially for business (under public documents on, but I figure this blog is a good place to speak about it.

Right off - if you own a domain name, you can have email @your-domain-name. And you can host your website with one provider and your email with another (like, who is really good at it), so there are literally no barriers to having "real email".

Look at these 2 email addresses, which is more professional, which advertises your business, and which gives you flexibility while still using your domain-name (you'll see what I mean)?

and, add to that ...

From a marketing standpoint, you should use email to advertise your company in all communications, and the email address alone does this. From the business side, a business, even a sole-proprietor, will need from several to many email addresses - and no way that should be done with multiple gmail addresses.

I see many companies just have employees use their personal email addresses, great, so when that employee leaves they bring all your business email - AND CONTACTS - with them.

It's just wrong on so many levels.

OWN A DOMAIN NAME: If you have a business - even a sole proprietorship, just you - you should own a domain name, that part costs very little. It's an annual renewal but depending upon the name you're talking about like $10-50/yr, not much.

And once you own the name - if you want a website, or already have one - great. If you don't want one then just put up a single page that says "Contact Us" with contact-info.

But EMAIL - should be from YOUR domain name. It should be PRIVATE (and not stolen, read, documented and the contents sold, like gmail, and all those other big-name free services), it should have features so you can manage it properly, like OMG is the gmail interface just horrible. It should be packed with features - not with marketing ... gmail marketing, trying to sell you more. And more. And more.

Have questions on this, email us at or post a COMMENT here and we can chat about it.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Cell phone calls - while at home - get dropped or bad reception? No internet access when at a store?

Ever run into one of these situations?

1) You're in your own house and cell-phone calls get dropped or have bad reception?
2) You're at the market, mall, airport and you can't get a website?
SOLUTION: Turn off your WiFi ... yes, that's right, TURN IT OFF

Here's what's going on - your phone by default will try to use WiFi for everything from visiting a website, checking your email and even making phone calls (called WiFi Calling).

But what your phone is really bad at is switching to your cell-network when those WiFi features are not working properly because of Internet problems or you just aren't signed onto a public WiFi access point.

Symptoms, as noted above, include cell-phone calls being dropped or bad connections, can't reach a website or check your email, etc.

If this is happening at home it can be caused by numerous issues including bad internet connections (is your provider having problems), weak/bad WiFi coverage, too many users on WiFi at once slowing it down, and other reasons.

If this is happening when out-and-about, are you connected to public WiFi or is it just available but you didn't connect to it? Or are you connected to public WiFi that doesn't have enough bandwidth to support your phone calls (especially video calls).

The solution in ALL of these situations: TURN OFF THE WIFI on your phone and just run with your cell provider's connection.

Even when your phone is not connected to a WiFi access point it will still try and use it which causes all to fail. No websites and bad phone access. When you turn off the WiFi access on your phone it will no longer struggle with connections it isn't connected to ... and all will work just fine.

Generally speaking - your phone works better with WiFi off but will use your data which should not be counted when on WiFi. The solution to that is an unlimited data plan of course, as long as not on Verizon or ATT or another "biggee" that charges a fortune for bad service.

HINT: we use Mint Mobile and love it, unlimited data and CHEAP ($360/yr with unlimited data) for more info on Mint (going through our link will earn us referral credits :) )

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Are you running as an ADMINISTRATOR, convenient yes, but DANGEROUS

When you set up your Windows system, by default you were given an ADMINISTRATOR (admin) account. And chances are you are still running in that admin account. Not knowing what you're doing, running in an admin account is a really BAD thing to do ... I know what I'm doing, and I never run as an admin, I'm just regular USER!

An admin account has permission to do nasty things to your machine. One of the nastiest is the ability to infect your entire operating system, really easily, since it has permission to write to areas a USER is not allowed to.

A USER account, how you should be running, like me, can do almost all that's needed to run your PC, and when needed, the system will prompt you very nicely for an admin credentials (username/password).

A USER account does not have permission to do nasty things to your operating system, like destroy it, which an admin account can do, easily.

If you were to introduce a virus, or ransomware, into your system, an account with  "elevated permissions", like an admin account, will literally give the virus permission to destroy the entire system. That same virus or ransomware introduced in a USER account is much less likely to do real damage to anything other than that user's account.

Now, don't run as a USER and just figure you're safe, you're not. Virus and ransomware programmers are very smart and do all sorts of things to get around system security. Running as a USER just makes it harder, the virus needs to be much more sophisticated to be able to destroy the system.

Running as a USER does not mean you are "safe", it's like wearing a seat belt, you are "safer".
How to set up a system if you are running as an ADMINISTRATOR:

1) (on a new system) Create your user name you'd like to run with, this could be a USERNAME or Microsoft-linked email address.

2) Set up your entire system, install programs, get it running. DO NOT SURF THE WEB yet, ONLY go to websites you need to in order to download the basic software you run with.

DO NOT (google) SEARCH for a website you know the name of - if you know the website name, put it directly in the ADDRESS-bar. For instance, if you need to download adobe-reader, do not SEARCH for "adobe", just goto in the ADDRESS bar. Why "search" for something when you know where it is?

3) Create a ADMINISTRATOR account, I like to call mine something like danadmin. Give it a COMPLEX password!!!

4) LOGOFF and log back on to your newly-created ADMINISTRATOR account from Step-3.

5) Change the USER-TYPE on your original account from Step-1 (the one you will regularly run with) from ADMINISTRATOR to USER.

6) LOGOFF and log on to your original account from Step-1 (the one you just made a USER).

You are now safely running as a USER and not an ADMINISTRATOR. When admin privileges are needed, the system will prompt for your admin credentials - THINK ABOUT IT - did you really do something that should require an admin? If not, don't enter the credentials.

The only reason I recommend step 2 above being done while still being an admin is for simplicity of software install, and, some software even given admin credentials won't install properly unless truly under an admin account. BE CAREFUL while still running as an admin!

Here is a new Rule #1:

But that's really a good Rule #2, here's the real Rule #1:

Yeah, I like that for Rule #1. In case you missed that, here's the order:

Rule #1: NEVER CHECK EMAIL IN AN ADMIN ACCOUNT (yes, I am yelling at you).


Rule #3: Have a question, post it in a COMMENT. Oh, that's not really a rule, or I would have YELLED it :)


Monday, 19 April 2021

CalDAV, Blogs, Listserve, Email-aliases - all the best Email features

Our new email servers are just incredible ... FAST, secure, and complete with a solid list of the greatest email features.
CalDAV - shared calendar system.

You can keep your own private calendar and/or group calendars.

You can have a group calendar for everyone in the office, one for just your department and yet another for your family to share.
Blogs - just like the one you're seeing now, and since it is NOT a wordpress site it's really secure (WP is a security nightmare), and REALLY fast! And we can help you set up google-analytics with your blog(s).
Listserve - Run your own email-list(s) where members can SUBSCRIBE, and UNSUBSCRIBE, from your fully customizable email list. MANY features!
Email-aliases - one of the best anti-spam email features there is. This gives you the ability to give yourself many names that all come to your one email address. Make up a new email (alias) address for every company you work with - get spammed, just delete the alias, and, you'll know who sold your name (or was hacked and your name stolen).
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam filtering - our server have sophisticated anti-virus filtering to protect your computer from malicious incoming email and a really fancy anti-spam system that will stop spam from ever reaching you, and flagging the spam that "is allowed" to get through (the just in case it isn't really spam). You have TONS of control over spam-settings, email white-list/black-list and more.
The best email features, affordable, reliable, SECURE! Oh, and great tech-support backs it all.

For more info about EECONS email service, send Email (what else?) to or use the Contact Us page on our website.

Monday, 05 April 2021

Email hosting at a whole new level

Need really awesome email hosting? For yourself, your small business, home office/business ...

Electronic Enterprises,, has been hosting email for over 20 years, and is really good at it - and we just did a MAJOR upgrade to our email system.

Need 1 email account, 10, 25, 100 ... 1000 ... is your affordable, reliable, super fast, go-to solution.


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Home working - any tech issues?

Years ago it was frowned upon to tell a customer you work from home. It implied you were a small company who was going to disappear and could not be relied upon for anything big. No one understood the concept of remote-working. Since the people I worked with came from the telephony field (going back to 1980), remote communication on projects seemed easier for us to do than for a customer to comprehend.

How times have changed, now customers ask "Are you working remotely from home?" and I tell them "Yes, and we're liking the work conditions and cost savings so much we don't think we're going back to having an office. FINALLY, after 40 years of trying to hide that for probably 35 of those years we've worked from home, we can now proudly say "YES, we work from home and love it".

If you're having remote communications issues, file sharing, accessing computers remotely (even the one sitting in the office you used to work in), those problems beyond Zoom issues (plenty of people to help with that), let us know. As you can tell, we really have a lot of experience in this area.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Do you "scan to email" or "fax to email", and do you think that's secure?

Now right off if you don't give a rat's ass about privacy, then don't worry about this. If you scan your tax returns, fax your connection, and for that matter this goes for all email, like the ones between you and your criminal defense attorney or accountant, but that's an offshoot of this topic.

If you want to see what Encrypted Email is before reading the rest of this visit our Encrypted Email demo page and send yourself an Encrypted Email.

So your scanner, fax machine, etc., like a fantastic desktop unit like the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500, has the ability to Email a PDF right from the scanner and/or scanner software. Of course you're really good about such things so you know you setup the Email account with a secure connection (SSL, STARTTLS, etc) and are using port 465 or 587 (tech shit, but it's a common setting), so you know your connection is secure, right? Well of course you are. And does that make your PDF secure? Not at all.

When you (or your device) logon to Email with that secure connection all you are encrypting is the communication between you and your Email-provider. The contents of the Email, like that PDF, is NOT encrypted when it is stored on the Email provider's system. And when the Email provider then sends that sacred private Email/PDF off to it's destination where someone else is going to pick up that Email/PDF, that communication "may" or "may not" be encrypted, both connection types between email servers are allowed and common.

Then you need to worry about your recipient properly having that secure email connection set up properly or that communication is fully open to hacking.

My company, Electronic Enterprises, has a stupidly elegant and really simple solution - our Encrypted Email system can be used to automatically end-to-end encrypt the PDF (and the contents of regular email) so even our staff can't see your PDF while sitting on our servers, and if your recipient is using an insecure connection, not your problem, your private PDF document is still secure, end to end.

Try out Encrypted Email with 5-way security features, send yourself one. What you get is just what you'd get from a fax machine or scanner or other device that utilizes our Encrypted Email service

And of course, happy to answer questions, happy to take your money for great Email service ... at least I'm happy :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Welcome to Rev Dan's Tech Talk - the not-boring tech blog

Welcome and glad you found me. I'm running for President so you can vote for me, but if you just have a tech question or problem, we can talk about that too. So go for it .... what the hell do you need? I mean, why the fuck would you be here if you didn't have a tech issue? Well ok, maybe you just want to read along. That's fine, and feel free to chime in.

Rev Dan, Dudeist Priest

Rev Dan:As questions come in, if simple answer I'll just do so, if worthy of its own thread I'll post that I'm posting the question as its own Post.(07/14/20)