Thursday, 16 July 2020

Do you "scan to email" or "fax to email", and do you think that's secure?

Now right off if you don't give a rat's ass about privacy, then don't worry about this. If you scan your tax returns, fax your connection, and for that matter this goes for all email, like the ones between you and your criminal defense attorney or accountant, but that's an offshoot of this topic.

If you want to see what Encrypted Email is before reading the rest of this visit our Encrypted Email demo page and send yourself an Encrypted Email.

So your scanner, fax machine, etc., like a fantastic desktop unit like the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500, has the ability to Email a PDF right from the scanner and/or scanner software. Of course you're really good about such things so you know you setup the Email account with a secure connection (SSL, STARTTLS, etc) and are using port 465 or 587 (tech shit, but it's a common setting), so you know your connection is secure, right? Well of course you are. And does that make your PDF secure? Not at all.

When you (or your device) logon to Email with that secure connection all you are encrypting is the communication between you and your Email-provider. The contents of the Email, like that PDF, is NOT encrypted when it is stored on the Email provider's system. And when the Email provider then sends that sacred private Email/PDF off to it's destination where someone else is going to pick up that Email/PDF, that communication "may" or "may not" be encrypted, both connection types between email servers are allowed and common.

Then you need to worry about your recipient properly having that secure email connection set up properly or that communication is fully open to hacking.

My company, Electronic Enterprises, has a stupidly elegant and really simple solution - our Encrypted Email system can be used to automatically end-to-end encrypt the PDF (and the contents of regular email) so even our staff can't see your PDF while sitting on our servers, and if your recipient is using an insecure connection, not your problem, your private PDF document is still secure, end to end.

Try out Encrypted Email with 5-way security features, send yourself one. What you get is just what you'd get from a fax machine or scanner or other device that utilizes our Encrypted Email service

And of course, happy to answer questions, happy to take your money for great Email service ... at least I'm happy :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Welcome to Rev Dan's Tech Talk - the not-boring tech blog

Welcome and glad you found me. I'm running for President so you can vote for me, but if you just have a tech question or problem, we can talk about that too. So go for it .... what the hell do you need? I mean, why the fuck would you be here if you didn't have a tech issue? Well ok, maybe you just want to read along. That's fine, and feel free to chime in.

Rev Dan, Dudeist Priest

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