Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Is your PC really up to date? "Drivers" need to be updated, and this is not automatic.

Funny blog post: 1st the solution, then the story :)
If you don't understand any of this and you run a windows PC, have your techie-friend read it and explain it to you, this is important stuff to keep your PC running properly, securely and more reliably!!

DriverEasy is AWESOME!!! - download their free version. It won't do any great update-job for you but it will tell you if you need the updates, really nicely/easily. Once you see how out of date stuff is on your system you can proceed in 4 ways:

1) Nothing out of date or nothing you care about: do nothing

2) Stuff is out of date: DriverEasy will download the updates for you which you can manually install. If just 1 or 2, this isn't hard, if a lot out of date, this will help but it will still take a while

3) Purchase a copy of DriverEasy for $30 which is good for 3 machines and will continually clean those 3 machines for 1 year. So $10/machine, and that's per year if you decide to renew after the 1st year (or wait a yr or twon and buy it again).

4) We can make your life really easy - you can hire us to remotely connect in and do all of this for you. We can remotely connect to your PC - and you can watch us work. We'll update your drivers, check for vulnerabilities and do general system tune-up. This service is generally about $35/machine (assuming we don't find significant problems). If you're a tech-type, buy the program, you'll like it, if you're totally confused by all this - hire us to do it for you.

To schedule your online remote-support "driver update" appointment, contact us at
When you go to device manager it tells you if a driver didn't load, but it doesn't tell you when it's out of date. As a 40 yrs techie I was shocked at how outdated the drivers were on my own, fairly new, system (MSI laptop), plus other machines in my home/office.

I was having a problem getting 1 driver to load and while researching I stumbled on a great product on ...

I figured I could do this stuff with the free version - let DriverEasy tell me what's out of date, and find my missing driver, and then I'd update all manually ...

YIKES, around 30 drivers to update, and the one I couldn't get to load was found with no problem ... my 1st thought was for $30 I'd rather let this program do the dirty-work for me. There was more to update than just the one that wasn't working.

After I bought it I saw it was good for 3 computers for the $30, FANTASTIC!!!

Ran it on mine and in 5 or 10 minutes I did a reboot - and 100% up to date. Ran it on 2 other machines, WOW, so much out of date, and updated in no time, and NO WORK!!!

I rarely write reviews - I save them for products that really, REALLY, deserve my time and effort and this one DESERVES the recognition!!

And for you techies out there - consider their 50+ machine "tech package", which allows you a 3-day window on each machine to update drivers as a service you charge your customers for, or offer as a perk for using your services, nice giveaway for the small price per PC on this license.

Happy to answer questions