Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Home working - any tech issues?

Years ago it was frowned upon to tell a customer you work from home. It implied you were a small company who was going to disappear and could not be relied upon for anything big. No one understood the concept of remote-working. Since the people I worked with came from the telephony field (going back to 1980), remote communication on projects seemed easier for us to do than for a customer to comprehend.

How times have changed, now customers ask "Are you working remotely from home?" and I tell them "Yes, and we're liking the work conditions and cost savings so much we don't think we're going back to having an office. FINALLY, after 40 years of trying to hide that for probably 35 of those years we've worked from home, we can now proudly say "YES, we work from home and love it".

If you're having remote communications issues, file sharing, accessing computers remotely (even the one sitting in the office you used to work in), those problems beyond Zoom issues (plenty of people to help with that), let us know. As you can tell, we really have a lot of experience in this area.