Monday, 19 April 2021

CalDAV, Blogs, Listserve, Email-aliases - all the best Email features

Our new email servers are just incredible ... FAST, secure, and complete with a solid list of the greatest email features.
CalDAV - shared calendar system.

You can keep your own private calendar and/or group calendars.

You can have a group calendar for everyone in the office, one for just your department and yet another for your family to share.
Blogs - just like the one you're seeing now, and since it is NOT a wordpress site it's really secure (WP is a security nightmare), and REALLY fast! And we can help you set up google-analytics with your blog(s).
Listserve - Run your own email-list(s) where members can SUBSCRIBE, and UNSUBSCRIBE, from your fully customizable email list. MANY features!
Email-aliases - one of the best anti-spam email features there is. This gives you the ability to give yourself many names that all come to your one email address. Make up a new email (alias) address for every company you work with - get spammed, just delete the alias, and, you'll know who sold your name (or was hacked and your name stolen).
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam filtering - our server have sophisticated anti-virus filtering to protect your computer from malicious incoming email and a really fancy anti-spam system that will stop spam from ever reaching you, and flagging the spam that "is allowed" to get through (the just in case it isn't really spam). You have TONS of control over spam-settings, email white-list/black-list and more.
The best email features, affordable, reliable, SECURE! Oh, and great tech-support backs it all.

For more info about EECONS email service, send Email (what else?) to or use the Contact Us page on our website.