Monday, 26 April 2021

Cell phone calls - while at home - get dropped or bad reception? No internet access when at a store?

Ever run into one of these situations?

1) You're in your own house and cell-phone calls get dropped or have bad reception?
2) You're at the market, mall, airport and you can't get a website?
SOLUTION: Turn off your WiFi ... yes, that's right, TURN IT OFF

Here's what's going on - your phone by default will try to use WiFi for everything from visiting a website, checking your email and even making phone calls (called WiFi Calling).

But what your phone is really bad at is switching to your cell-network when those WiFi features are not working properly because of Internet problems or you just aren't signed onto a public WiFi access point.

Symptoms, as noted above, include cell-phone calls being dropped or bad connections, can't reach a website or check your email, etc.

If this is happening at home it can be caused by numerous issues including bad internet connections (is your provider having problems), weak/bad WiFi coverage, too many users on WiFi at once slowing it down, and other reasons.

If this is happening when out-and-about, are you connected to public WiFi or is it just available but you didn't connect to it? Or are you connected to public WiFi that doesn't have enough bandwidth to support your phone calls (especially video calls).

The solution in ALL of these situations: TURN OFF THE WIFI on your phone and just run with your cell provider's connection.

Even when your phone is not connected to a WiFi access point it will still try and use it which causes all to fail. No websites and bad phone access. When you turn off the WiFi access on your phone it will no longer struggle with connections it isn't connected to ... and all will work just fine.

Generally speaking - your phone works better with WiFi off but will use your data which should not be counted when on WiFi. The solution to that is an unlimited data plan of course, as long as not on Verizon or ATT or another "biggee" that charges a fortune for bad service.

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