Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Your company has a domain name but you have a gmail email address - so many reasons to not do that

I wrote an article about using gmail generally and especially for business (under public documents on eecons.com), but I figure this blog is a good place to speak about it.

Right off - if you own a domain name, you can have email @your-domain-name. And you can host your website with one provider and your email with another (like eecons.com, who is really good at it), so there are literally no barriers to having "real email".

Look at these 2 email addresses, which is more professional, which advertises your business, and which gives you flexibility while still using your domain-name (you'll see what I mean)?


and, add to that ...

From a marketing standpoint, you should use email to advertise your company in all communications, and the email address alone does this. From the business side, a business, even a sole-proprietor, will need from several to many email addresses - and no way that should be done with multiple gmail addresses.

I see many companies just have employees use their personal email addresses, great, so when that employee leaves they bring all your business email - AND CONTACTS - with them.

It's just wrong on so many levels.

OWN A DOMAIN NAME: If you have a business - even a sole proprietorship, just you - you should own a domain name, that part costs very little. It's an annual renewal but depending upon the name you're talking about like $10-50/yr, not much.

And once you own the name - if you want a website, or already have one - great. If you don't want one then just put up a single page that says "Contact Us" with contact-info.

But EMAIL - should be from YOUR domain name. It should be PRIVATE (and not stolen, read, documented and the contents sold, like gmail, and all those other big-name free services), it should have features so you can manage it properly, like OMG is the gmail interface just horrible. It should be packed with features - not with marketing ... gmail marketing, trying to sell you more. And more. And more.

Have questions on this, email us at support@eecons.com or post a COMMENT here and we can chat about it.